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Alien Update: FIXS more skills, intro, portraits and more
Chun-Li MKP Mortal Kombat Project 2.5
Sonya Cage
MK1 Reptile (MK 1 style moveset) for MKP s2.5
Vega / Balrog (Claw) For MKP 4.1 Season 2.5
Sabitsuki (.flow) MKP 2.5 Character (1.1! All Done!)
MKI (MK1) Scorpion MKP Season 2.5 Edition
Red Scorpion [W.I.P]
Kung Fury
Suijin for MKP2
Shinobi Cyrax and Shinobi Sektor Updated
Khrome remake
Sheborg (mortal kombat female cyborg)
Female Ninjas
Shin Scorpion For MKP
Nude mod = Kitana Mileena Jade Tanya Skarlet (NSFW)
Darkburster1 OC- Nami and other updates
Tanya MK ow ( beta)
My crappy edits for MKP4.1
Sang, The Monk Warrior
New Characters and Changed Characters for MKP 4.1 (Borg 117)
Freddy Krueger, Cassie Cage (MKP 1/1/2016)
Quan Chi by DarkEvilous and ermac692 (for borg117's MKP)
Saphira (New Char)
Hydro for MKP Fixed Released
Quan chi mkp4.1 borg
jarek release mkp borg!
Kitana MKG Released!!
Reptile head edit.
Kitana Unmasked Released!!
Shadow Johnny Cage for Fixed MKP - WIP Demo Trailer
Chun-Li Download: MAY 20 2015 Version for Borg117's FixedMKP
Grandmaster edited to mkp4.1 of borg117
MKP Ben 2015 Edition (for borgs mkp4.1 fixed)
Guile Download: APRIL 17 2015 Version for Borg117's FixedMKP
Frost MKow sprite boody parts for MKP
M. Bison Test Version Release For MKP 4.1Fixed
Test Videos Street Fighter Characters for Borg117's FixedMKP
Special Ops Sonya Fourth Download Version AUGUST 8 2015
Frost MKOw in MKP
Liu Kang (MUGEN 1.0 AI) for Borg's fixed MKP (Unofficial)
Sonya Blade (MUGEN 1.0 AI) for Borg's fixed MKP (Unofficial)
Stryker (MUGEN 1.0 AI) for Borg's fixed MKP (Unofficial)
Improved MK2 Johnny Cage for Borg's MKP MARCH 8 2015
Wicked Mileena 2.0 FEB 28 2015 UPDATE/NOW FULL BORG-STYLE AI
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