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Sang, The Monk Warrior
This character will be the last one (except Suijin) I make a custom intro for. Where are the creators?
Alien Update: FIXS more skills, intro, portraits and more

I added a couple of skills based on MKX alien skills. I added 2 new portraits (versus) (and the tower icon) in addition to new moves in babality, animality. Electrocuted effect / burn effect ... And some more sprites. Enjoy it!
Creator of the basic / classic sprites of the Alien: xenomorph08
Author to give the animations to this char: Jermaine kid ...
Chun-Li MKP Mortal Kombat Project 2.5
So I wanted to get this girl out before the colapse of the MKMP board.

I'll release her with Vega on my D.A. At a later time, but for now here is as far as I got.

Basicly in about as finished state as Vega, only missing her movelist and a slight issue with her win announcement, thus I placed the approprite sounds in there if anyone can figure out the issue, but other than that a fairly complete konversion.


[img:731cb55faa][/img:731cb55fa ...
Sonya Cage
i saw this char ind i love it but it have Sonya mk3 selection (bios)
sprite, can anyone make it consistent whit her outfit?

link in the video
nothing here is mine
MK1 Reptile (MK 1 style moveset) for MKP s2.5
Here's an edit (with permission) of Jermaine Kidd's MK1 Reptile. I've
given him his Scorpion/Sub-Zero hybrid moveset, changed 2 of his Fatalities, as well as added a new portrait, palettes, and some altered sprites. Also adapted for the most recent version of MKP-4.1 season 2.5.

New Version 1.05:


- Voice grunt sound effects changed to MK1 human ninja style (T ...
Vega / Balrog (Claw) For MKP 4.1 Season 2.5
So while I wait for the help I need finishing my actual original chars, I figured I'd take a rebound back to my roots and do a charcter edit.

To pre-face; This was inspired by a comment I saw about someone mentioning that "Vega would fit right in with the MK Cast" or something along those lines. From there, I started to get to work.

If there was one thing good to come out of the kucfretsulc that was MKUP, it was that the SFTM charcters were already up-ported to 1.0, so they wer ...
Sabitsuki (.flow) MKP 2.5 Character (1.1! All Done!)
Well after seeing Kung Fury making the cut, I finally decided to give in and make an MKP char myself.

Therefore, for the exclusivity of the MK M.U.G.E.N community- I present a beta of my latest (and possibly greatest) project.

Ladies and Gentlemen, just in time for her 9th year anniversary of .flow's release.

Sabitsuki from .flow !

[img:5c9d3071e7] ...
MKI (MK1) Scorpion MKP Season 2.5 Edition
Hello, I am a bit new here but I would like to share a personal edit I've been working on, while a bigger project is in the works.

Here we have Mortal Kombat 1 Scorpion made originally by jermaine kidd.

It was made for the earlier borg117 builds pre-season 2, and thus had several things I felt inclined to fix.


Fatality system kompatabilty
Progressive A.I.
Pit 2 Support
Flashing MK1 style name
Fight ladder icon
Animation cle ...
Red Scorpion [W.I.P]
Remember the not that old times i've doing some small edits and sharing? well that times seems to be returning.
along with d'vorah i've doing this one that i believe it can be useful for mkp fixed, some people've been talking about changing costumes from ninjas since they look too equal. so i made this just for fun.

sorry for only one shot and that big :/

OBS: Still a wip, here what's d ...
Suijin for MKP2
Have her combo attaxks been edited to work like other  characters? The last time I used her she seemed to be able to "flow like water" and there was very little screenshaking.
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The Mortal Kombat M.U.G.E.N Projects
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The Mortal Kombat M.U.G.E.N Projects
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